Best 5 WordPress Theme Detector and WordPress Plugin Detector Tools

I’m sure you’ve visited a website whose design or features have attracted you a lot and you want it for your website? Now you’re looking for a WordPress plugin detector or website theme detector that will help you find out what themes or plugins are used on this website.

There are many WordPress plugin detector tools available online that let you easily discover what theme or plugin that website is using. Today we will learn about the 5 WordPress Plugin Detector tools that let you find a lot of information on any website; Such as themes, plugins, authors, etc. This will be possible if this website is done with a WordPress content management system (CMS).

Sometimes a website uses WordPress, but these tools can’t find any information on this website. Because the owner of that website hides all information on his website, for the safety of his website.

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Best 5 WordPress Theme Detector and WordPress Plugin Detector

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004What WP Theme Is ThatVISIT
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Discover What WordPress Theme is That?


Online free tool to find a website's theme name

Themesinfo is a nice tool. Themesinfo is WordPress plugin detector also WordPress theme detector. You can find a lot of information like how many plugins are using a website, which theme is currently used.

Also, you can find out Internet service provider, Hostname, City, Alexa Rank and more.


website plugin detector tool

Scanwp is another great tool, using that tool you can find what theme and plugin currently using a site. Also shows you nice details about the theme and plugin like theme name, hosting provider, store, price, version and many more.

Wp Theme Detector

find which wordpress theme is a site using

Wpthemedetector is another WordPress plugin detector tool. Just got to Wpthemedetector page and paste URL and hit the enter button to find out information of the site.

Like other tools, this tool will show you the theme name and the plugin name. Also shows you Theme Popularity, Version, Author, License, License URL, Provider Info and more.

What WP Theme Is That

how to find out what theme is that site using

“What WP Theme Is That” is another cool detector tool with nice interfacer. Simply go to “What WP Theme Is That” site and type or paste website domain name and hit the enter button to find what plugin is using that site.

Within a few seconds, the result will appear in front of you. Often this tool fails to identify the theme, where other tools succeed.

WP Detector

best wordpress plugin detector

Also, you can find out what theme and plugin using a website by this tool. WP Detector is a very cool tool. This tool will help you identify what tools your competitor uses on their website.

This tool, like other detecting tools, open this link and paste or type your favorite website or competitors website URL and click on the search icon to find out data.

WordPress Theme Detector Chrome Extension

wordpress theme detector chrome extension

You can also identify the WordPress website’s themes and plugins using the Chrome extension. First, open this link and install the extension in your Chrome browser.

Then open any website in the new tab and click on the “W” icon and wait a while.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes these tools fail to identify the theme because many website owners use proprietary or customized themes on their site or hide it for security.

The above tools can detect themes and plugins if this website uses WordPress, That means it is possible to identify only the websites used in WordPress.

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