Top 5 WordPress Cache Plugin (Free and Premium)

Today’s topic is the best 5 WordPress cache plugin 2019, that will help to increase the speed of your website.

As you probably know, WordPress is a popular content management system. It has become popular because it is very user-friendly, anyone can create a website using WordPress. No coding knowledge is required.

If your website is slow, then today’s article is for you. In this article, I will share with you the best 5 cache plugins of this time. I hope this article will be helpful.

How do I analyze the loading speed of my website?

Before starting to increase the loading speed of your website, analyze how your website is currently performing. You can find many tools on the Internet to analyze website performance. Below there are links to some tools, which you can use to analyze your website’s current performance.

Why it is essential to use a cache plugin?

See, you publish good content regularly on your website and in any way you are bringing traffic to your website. But they do not stay a long time on your website. Your users are leaving your website quickly. Visitors leave your website because of the speed of your website.

And your website’s speed helps you rank your website on the Google first page, so you must increase the speed of your website.

Surely you are thinking now how to speed up my website? If you are a WordPress user, there is no reason to worry, you can increase the speed of your website for just 5 minutes.

Top 5 WordPress Cache Plugin 2019

Here are the best 5 cache plugins that can be used to increase the speed of your website. Do not use more than one cache plugin, just use one. If you want to use another, do not forget to uninstall the one that you have installed before.

  • WP Rocket – Premium
  • WP Fastest Cache – Premium + FREE
  • W3 Total Cache – FREE
  • WP Super Cache – FREE
  • Comet Cache – Premium + FREE

WP Rocket

wp rocket wordpress plugin 2019

Almost all website owners use the cache plugin to speed up their site. Because they know its benefits. When a user visits your website, the cache plugin will store some cache of your site on the user’s browser. Later, when the user visits your website again, then your web page will be loaded quickly. Your website speed will boost you to rank on Google’s first page.

WP Fastest Cache 

Wp Fastest cache plugin is increase website speed?

If you want to improve your website speed, then the WP Fastest Cache plugin will be the best for you. One million-plus people love it, this plugin’s users rating 5 out of 5. Very easy to install and easy to use. You know that the site speed helps to rank you on google. So definitely use a cache plugin. According to me, the WP Fastest Cache plugin is a great plugin.

I would recommend you to use it. This will increase your site speed and help you to rank on google first page.

W3 Total Cache

how to configure w3 total cache plugin

Are you looking for free quality caching plugins? There are many free and premium caching plugins on the internet. Among the free plugins “w3 total cache” is the best plugin. Many hosting companies and web developers also recommend using this plugin. The W3 Total Cache plugin will increase your website’s performance 10x.

WP Super Cache

wp super cache plugin best settings 2019

WP Super Cache Plugin is the best plugin to speed up your website. You can use it completely free and highly recommended by top hosting companies. Wp Super Cache plugin published by Automattic Inc. WP Super Cache plugin is a popular cache plugin. Wp Super Cache plugin has over 2 million active user and users rating 4.5 out of 5.

Comet Cache

how to use cache enabler

Comet Cache is another caching plugin. if you’re not satisfied with “Wp Super Cache” or “W3 Total Cache” then you can try Comet Cache. Comet Cache is a lot easier to configure, just install and enable it. Comet Cache has a premium and free version. I recommend you first use their free version, you can upgrade later if you want. Comet Cache has 70,000+ Active users.

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Which plugin are you currently using, leave a comment. I’m using W3 Total Cache.


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