21 Best Google Web Fonts for Your Website in 2019

You publish good article regularly on your dream blog site, but the visitor is not reading it. If visitors leave your website faster, Then you will not get the benefit. You have to do something unusual for your readers to read your article. That is to pick the perfect font for your website. Pick an eye-catching Google Web Fonts.

Picking a font is not enough, after picking a font you have to choose the font color, spacing, height, weights, and, size.

Use free web fonts to make your website more attractive. If you are using WordPress, you can easily change the font you want.

But before that, you have to choose the perfect font for your website. And it’s a difficult task. There is no reason to worry, in this article I will share with you 21 best Google fonts for a blog.

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Best Google Web Fonts – 2019


Montserrat is best font for heading

Oswald Font

oswald font


best google fonts

Zilla Slab – Best Fonts For Blog

How to use google fonts to WordPress.

Open Sans

Best Google Web Fonts for Your Drem Website in 2019


Install google web font in wordpress

IBM Plex

How to Add google web font in wordpress

Source Sans Pro

Raleway – Best Google Fonts For Heading


Crimson Text

Josefin Sans



Bio Rhyme Ex

PT Sans


google fonts download

Vollkorn – Best Google Web Fonts

how to use google fonts 2019

Roboto Font

roboto font

Maven Pro

best font for numbers

Nunito Sans

How to Use Google Fonts in WordPress.

After installing the WordPress theme, the default font that many of them do not like. Then they think about how to change it. If you want to change your website’s font, you can change it in two ways, 1. Coding and 2. Using Plugin. Changing the font by coding will be a bit difficult for the newbies, so we will change the font using a plugin.

Perhaps you have selected the best google web fonts for your website from the list above. If you do not like a font from the list above, you can see more fonts from the Google web font.

1. To install the plugin, first you need to login to WordPress dashboard.

2. Hover over on Plugin >> Add New

3. Search “Easy Google Fonts

4. Then click on the “Install” Button and “Activate” the plugin.

5. Go to Themes >> Customize >> Typography and find your font before you choose.

Final Word

If you want your users to stay longer on your website, then choose a better font.

I personally use these 3 fonts:

  • Roboto
  • Raleway 
  • Oswald

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Please tell us by commenting on which font you chose from the top 21 web font list. And this article is useful to your point of view, then don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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