Bing Webmaster Tools – A Detailed Guide for Beginners

Did you know that pro bloggers choose search engine optimization as the first way to drive traffic to their website? Because it is possible to get a lot of organic traffic from search engines. And pro bloggers know this well about how valuable organic traffic is. If you are a website owner then you must focus on search engine optimization (SEO). And must use google search console and bing webmaster tools.

You are publishing regular articles on a website, but people are not viewing your content. If your content doesn’t reach people, how can people see your content? People will be able to see your content when your content reaches them.

You can reach people in different ways. Social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization can reach your content people. At first, I said, organic traffic is much valuable. Why valuable? If organic traffic comes to your website, it will be more likely to generate sales.

Do you want to get organic traffic from search engines? Then submit your website to Bing Webmaster Tools today. And submit your website to other search engines as well.

This article I will share with you how to use Bing Webmaster Tools why you should use Bing Webmaster. I will give you a detailed guide, this guide will help you get a better ranking on Bing.

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What Is the Bing Webmaster Tool?

Bing webmaster tool is a free tool of bing search engine. Bing Webmaster Tools allows to you add your website to the Bing index crawler. Bing Webmaster Tool provides more services like crawling and indexing of their website, Sitemap creation, website statistics. Visit their Wikipedia page for more details.

The 5 Most used Search Engines in the World 2019

  • Google wiki (Search Engine Giant)
  • Bing – Learn Bing History from wiki
  • Yahoo

Who uses Bing Search Engine And Who should use Bing Webmaster Tool?

Bing is the second largest search engine in the world. Did you know that 3.2 billion people around the world use the Internet? Among the 3.2 billion Internet users, approximately 1.33 billion people use Bing Search Engine. 41.81% people are from the USA, 13.04% from China, 6.41% from Japan, 5.45% from Germany, 4.48% from the United Kingdom.

Every website owner should use bing webmaster tool. 1.33 billion people using Bing search engine, you can get huge traffic from Bing.

Why use Bing Webmaster Tool?

The above “Who uses Bing Search Engine and Who should use Bing Webmaster Tool?” In this part, you must be able to understand how many people are using the Bing search engine.

If you want to get Hughes traffic and want to rank your website in Bing search engine, submit your web site to Bing Webmaster today. Hopefully, you can guess how important it is to submit your website on Bing Webmaster Tools.

How to Verify Your Website With Bing or How to Setup?

Submitting a site with Bing Webmaster Tools is very easy, you can do this in few simple steps.

STEP 1: Sign Into Bing Webmaster Tool

how to setup bing webmaster tools

First, open the Bing Webmaster Tools official page or search on google. Then click on the sign-up. After clicking on the sign-up, you will have 3 options to sign in fronts of you, such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Sign up with the options you want.

I would recommend you to use Google. Then choose your google account. After choosing your account you will redirect to bing webmaster tool’s dashboard, simple 🙂

STEP 2: Add Your Site On Bing Webmaster Tool (BWT)

Type your website URL or Paste your website URL in the “Add Site” field and click on Add. After you add a site, a form will appear, you will need to fill up this form with all your original information. Then click on Save.

STEP 3: Verify Ownership for Your Website

You will need to verify your website when the form fills up is complete.

Three Option To Verify Ownership

  1. Place an XML file on your webserver
  2. Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default web page
  3. Add CNAME record manually to DNS (Domain Name Servers)

In this tutorial, we will follow the first option. Watch the video below.

Hopefully, you’ve successfully verified. If you can not successfully verify, please leave a comment below I will help you.

How To Generate A Sitemap?

You can easily create a site map for your website using the Yoast SEO plugin. If you have configured the Yoast SEO plugin already, then log in the dashboard then click on SEO>Features and enable XML sitemaps. After enabling XML sitemaps then click on the question mark (?). Open this link in a new tab “See the XML sitemap” to find your sitemap.


If you use the “blogger” platform or want to create a sitemap in any other way, simply type on Google for “how to generate an XML sitemap”.

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How to Manually Submit a URL to Bing?

If you want to manually submit the URL, go to Bing Webmaster’s Dashboard and click “Submit URLs” from the left side. Paste the link of your post here and click on submit button to submit. You can submit one link at a time, or you can submit ten links at a time. For more than one link submission you need to hit enter button for a line break.

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