Best Chrome Extensions for Blogger 2019

Hello Friends, today I’m gonna share with you 10 best chrome extensions which are essential for every blogger.

Before publishing a blog post, content research, keyword research, collecting screenshots, image editing, proofreading, and more complicated tasks need to do.

It may take more than 3 to 4 hours to complete an article. It may take more, It depends on the speed of your work.

This is not the end of the work, there is more work to be done after publishing an article. Such as link building, social media, email marketing, etc.

If you’ve started a blog, you already know that blogging is hard. Nothing to worry.

If you want to grow your blogging business. In this article, I’m gonna share with you best 10 essential chrome extension.

These extensions will help make the whole process much faster as well as speed up your work.

If you want to grow your blog and your business, Then you have to be more productive. Save time using tools.

These extensions are recommended by many professional bloggers, I use them according to their recommendations.

I have found the benefits of these extensions, so today I am sharing with you. You should use them.

Best Chrome Extensions for Blogger 2019

NOTop Chrome ExtensionsAverage Ratings 
001Keywords Everywhere4.7
003Hunter (Email Hunter)4.7
004Save To Pocket4.3
005Awesome Screenshot4.6
007Similar Web4.2
008Google Publisher Toolbar4.0
010Live Start Page4.6
011SEOquake (Bonus)4.6

Keywords Everywhere -Best Chrome Extensions for a Blogger


Keyword Everywhere is an SEO keyword research tool. Find keywords for your next article by keyword everywhere. Keyword Everywhere will show you monthly search Volume, Cost Per Click (CPC) and Competition under the google search bar and on the right-hand side.

Simply install Keyword Everywhere in firefox or chrome browser, and search you specific keyword on google. Keyword everywhere also allows to download CSV file.



Grammarly is a great extension. Grammarly is a grammar checker. Spelling and plagiarism checker tool. This tool makes your message, document, email, social media post are clear and mistake-free.

If you manually proofread a document, you will spend a lot of time. With this tool, you will be able to proofread (Spelling, Word Choice, Grammer Mistake) your document in a short time.

Write with full confidence on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr anywhere on the web.

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Hunter (Email Hunter)


If you want to be a professional blogger, you need to get in touch with other bloggers. The best way to get in touch with other bloggers is to contact them via email.

So to communicate with other bloggers you need to collect their email address. It can take hours to find the email address.

But Using Hunter you will be to hunt any website email address within a few seconds.

Save To Pocket


If you are a blogger then surely you need to do a lot of research to write an article. You have found many interesting articles by research, all of which you want to read, but it is not possible to read them all at once.

With the Save to Pocket tool allows you to save all your favorite content in one click, which you can read later.

Awesome Screenshot


Awesome screenshot is an awesome screen capture tool. Using this tool you will be able to take a professional-looking screenshot for your blog post or any project.

Also, Using this tool you will be able to take Screen Capture, Full-Screen Capture, Screencast, Record screen as video. Over 2 million users currently using Awesome Screenshot tool with 4.6 ratings out of 5.



Buffer is a free social media management tool. It is essential to share your post on social media because you can get a lot of traffic from social media.

Manually sharing across all platforms will be very difficult and a lot of time will be wasted. But buffer makes it easy. Buffer tool comes with amazing features.

Using this tool you can manage all your social media from anywhere on the web. This tool allows you to schedule your all social media post.

Similar Web


Similar web is a free website analytics tool. Using this tool you can able to analyze your competitor website or any other website just a single click.

Similar web allows show you global rank, country rank, popularity, monthly traffic, traffic source, and website metrics. More than 564,410 users are currently using similar web extension.

Google Publisher Toolbar


If you monetize your blog through Google AdSense, this tool is for you.”Google Publisher Toolbar” tools allow to view data on your Google ads and block unsuitable ads on your website.

You will love this tool. Over 246,542 users currently using this extension with 4 ratings out of 5.



Mail Track is a free email tracking tool for Gmail. If you send someone an email, it is important to know if they have opened your email. Mail Track tools come with cool features.

If your email is sent then it will show a tick mark and if your email is opened it will show you double tick mark, like WhatsApp. Mail Track tool as well shows you when opening your e-mail.

When your emails are opened you will receive a real-time notification pop-up.

Live Start Page


Live Start Page is a live wallpaper extension. I downloaded it to give the Chrome browser a different look. You may be wondering what the benefits of this extension are, why it added to the Best Chrome extension list for beginners.

Live Start Page has been added for its “to-do list” feature. Feeling nervous, with your productivity hitting zero? If you are too tired, nervous, open a new tab and viewing the live natural wallpaper with sounds of nature.

This will help to relieve your fatigue.

SEOquake (Bonus)


SEO quake plugin allows to show you Alexa Rank, Backlink, Keyword difficulty, Display ads, SEO Audit.

More on this plugin allow to show you website domain authority (DA), Post authority (PA), and monthly traffic. Over 571,669 users currently using this extension with 4.6 ratings out of 5.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to grow your blogging business then of course use these tools. Do you have any questions about best google chrome extensions? or was this article helpful? Tell us in the comments section below! FEEL FREE!

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