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Hello there!

My name is Abdus Samad a digital marketer and blogger. I’m still studying. I’m doing BBS now.

And AbWordPress is my dream blog. On my blog, I share articles related to WordPress, Web-Hosting, Online Earning, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO. I started my first website a the age of 17.

ABWordPress is a free WordPress resource site for newbies. The main target of this site is to provide WordPress Tutorials, Guides, Tips and Tricks, and other WP resources that allow WordPress beginners to improve their dream website.

How did I start?

First, let’s say I’m a fan of Mosharraf Karim (Actor). I enjoy his drama a lot. When I was in class nine, a new drama was released by Mosharraf Karim in 2015, The name of the drama is “Sei Rokom Cha Khur”.

Then I searched on YouTube for the drama and the result comes out on top.

When I was looking for the drama, the drama came to me in different lengths, like 40 minutes, 42 minutes and 53 minutes.

I download the 53 minutes video without any hesitation. Because I want much entertainment.

But the drama was about 43 minutes and the other 10 minutes was about advertising on “outsourcing”.

Full journey coming soon…


For any query, you can contact us by visiting the contact page: https://www.abwordpress.com/contact-us/